Cloud Services


Sempre Technologies can assist you to define a cloud strategy. Whether this be private, hybrid or public cloud. We partner with leading vendors to offer the right solution.

We work with customers on proof of concept (POC) projects to determine what workloads or datasets are suitable to migrate to the cloud. This also includes cloud to cloud migrations.


Cloud application security requires a comprehensive strategy that balances business needs and security risk.


When organizations move to cloud-based applications, they often neglect the requirement of third-party data protection for PAAS and SaaS applications.

Simplified Billing

Sempre in conjunction with Weston utilise a cloud billing portal called Cloudyn.

Cloudyn provides a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of cloud usage and cost across multiple accounts and vendors, with actionable recommendations to improve efficiency, cut costs and enhance performance. With segmented or aggregated views, IT and Finance may see a high-level snapshot of their deployment, as well as individual accounts and critical areas.

  • One powerful console for all clouds – Obtain a holistic view of your cloud deployment whether private, public or hybrid, over multiple vendors, granting a high level view of usage, costs and additional areas to delve into for deep understanding and optimization. Create custom dashboards with just the information and insights that matter to you.
  • Asset management – View your entire deployment’s lifecycle, from instance usage segments, performance and utilization to detailed metadata, tags, instance types and attached storage volumes. Get an aggregated view of your whole deployment or drill down to a single instance.
  • Cloud cost management – Get a granular breakdown of your costs by any native metadata parameter: Service, provider, region, instance types and more. Identify main cost drivers and receive insights on projected costs for the month or year.
  • Optimizer – Cloudyn’s right-Sizing monitors your deployment over time and provides optimization recommendations for maintaining the most efficient deployment – cost- and performance-wise.
  • Cloud comparison – Assess the financial viability of porting your workloads between public cloud providers or between your private and public cloud.
  • Scheduled and thresholded reports – Impose cloud governance and promote accountability within your organization, by scheduling reports to be sent on a regular basis to a custom distribution list. Control your cloud by setting alerts that are pushed to users as usage and costs approach or breach pre-determined thresholds.