Services | Legacy Recovery Service

Maintaining legacy backup applications & associated media-sets (i.e. 100’s if not 1000’s of tapes) to enable legal compliance can be a time consuming and an expensive exercise.  Your organisation will have to maintain hardware, manage software licences and metadata and then someone will have to have the skills to operate the legacy backup product – all adding to increased complexity, costs and risks for the legacy backup recovery process.

Sempre Technologies offers a solution to these problems with their Legacy Recovery Service.  The Service provides:

  • Restoration services during business hours
  • Urgent recoveries 24×7
  • Secure and trusted media management
  • Scheduled test recoveries
  • Media verification
  • Legacy media migration
  • Cloud repository options
  • Media disposal service
  • Vendor maintenance for the backup infrastructure
  • Encryption

Our Legacy Recovery Service is fully customisable and reduces the costs, risks and complexity associated with maintaining a legacy backup environment.   Please speak to one of our representatives for further information.