Sempre offer SAN and storage array solutions from the world’s leading storage providers. Solutions from Sempre provide solutions from only the vendors that we believe will provide solutions that ensure total protection and performance for business critical information. .

While we recommend storage solutions from our vendor partners our level of experience allows us to provide vendor neutral advice focusing on the business requirements and technical requirements. This knowledge can be used to go out to market for the best and most cost effective solution for the customer.

SANs have historically used in large scale, high performance enterprise storage operations. The costs of a SAN environment used to be prohibitive for small to medium size business. Today’s technologies and reduction in the cost of storage have made scalable cost effective SAN solutions available to organisations of all sizes.

Storage Area Networks allow you to consolidate applications and increase productivity as well as providing a stable long term investment platform.

Sempre will help you with leading brand SAN solutions, you can trust us to provide you with advice on SAN infrastructures or help you update existing SAN components.

NAS is useful for more than just general centralized storage provided to client computers in file serving environments with large amounts of data. NAS can enable simpler and lower cost systems such as load-balancing and fault-tolerant email and web server systems by providing storage services. It offers higher performance, better backup and recovery, and more reliable archiving options.

Sempre offer Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions from several leading vendors, we understand the different options and can match your business requirements to the system that is best for you.